Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have references or other jobs I can look at?2019-02-13T14:10:05-05:00

Yes, we do and we would be happy to provide them to you and show you properties we’ve done.

Are you licensed and insured?2019-02-13T14:09:15-05:00

Yes. We are licensed by the State of New Jersey for Irrigation, Certified and Licensed in Irrigation Backflow, a Member of the NJ Irrigation Association, and certified installers for Rain Bird, Kichler, EZ-FLO and Sonos, among others. We are fully insured and can provide further information as necessary.

Do you work with my landscaper/architect/builder?2019-02-13T14:08:42-05:00

Yes. We work with any trade professional working to install, restore, build or design your property.

What kind of maintenance is needed?2019-03-13T09:53:50-04:00

We make it easy with our No Worry™ Maintenance Plan. With it you get an annual Spring Turn-on service, a Mid-season Check and/or Repair and Winterizing, all at 10% off normal rates. Plus, we monitor your Irrigation system year round using mobile-based alerts—our systems can talk to us with their status. All No Worry™ Plan customers also enjoy 10% off any service and 10% off any repairs. Our Lighting and audio Systems require no maintenance but if any repairs or replacements are needed we’ll take care of them—and are often covered under warranty.

Do you guarantee your work?2019-03-13T09:19:05-04:00

Yes. Our irrigation systems are guaranteed for a full 5 years, lighting for 10 years and audio for 3 years.

When do you do installs?2019-03-14T11:18:42-04:00

We can install pretty much year-round, naturally seeking to avoid the periods when there is snow or ice on the ground for irrigation and drainage. However, for lighting and sound, we’re able to install whenever the weather is clear. And, we work around your schedules–your vacation, landscaper, builder or otherwise.

Will my yard or landscaping get damaged?2019-03-13T09:17:14-04:00

Absolutely not. We use underground pulling equipment that minimizes any sod displacement and avoids damaging shrub and tree roots. Our staff takes particular pride in being careful with the landscaping in place, and, any re-seeding or repair necessary (while unusual) is included as part of our job. After all, we’re in the business of taking care of your home or business–not damaging it.

Will my water or electric bill go up?2019-02-13T13:49:04-05:00

That’s the funny part about getting an irrigation system—they’re often more efficient and effective than home watering—and can very well end up saving you money. That’s because they only water in the areas that need it, when they need it, in the amount that is needed. Hose-based water sprinklers typically over-water as they’re left on for extended periods of time—or miss key areas of the lawn or shrubs. It’s why we won’t sell a system without a rain-monitoring sensor—which we include for free in any installation—to ensure the right amount of water is used, and the system doesn’t run when rain occurs. Plus, LED lighting technology has brought huge advances in energy efficiency—LED uses on average 90% LESS electricity than incandescent, and lasts for years—saving significant amounts on bulb replacement.

How much does something like this typically cost?2019-02-13T13:48:28-05:00

Every job is different—it really depends on the size of the job. We are very competitively priced, and offer a 10% discount to all active and retired military personnel. We provide free estimates, with clear explanations and detail around the products we use, the services we provide, our warranties, and we stand by our pricing. Plus we provide extra products and services others may charge for, all included in our price—check out our Service pages for details. Installation of an irrigation system can actually save you money—and new lighting and audio technology are incredibly cost-effective, maintenance free, and energy efficient.

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