Why should I have my irrigation system tuned up in the Spring by a professional?

Having your lawn sprinkler system tuned up in the Spring is just as important as having the lines winterized in the Fall. This is the time to make any adjustments to the sprinkler heads, clean them thoroughly, set the timer, check for any issues that might cause problems during the summer months.


Have you ever gone to turn the sprinklers on for the first time in the Spring only to find that several heads seem to be missing or not popping up properly? This is because over the course of the last season and the winter months the grass and soil around each sprinkler head grows over the head itself and prevents it from popping up when commanded. This overgrown grass and debris need to be cleaned away from the heads at least once a year to make sure they go up and down like they’re supposed to. This also will keep the heads clean and makes them last longer by keeping the stem clean and the seals from prematurely wearing out.


After the heads have been cleaned, it’s much easier to see how they are operating. If there is a leak on the head itself or an underground connection, it will be easy to identify. One leaky sprinkler head can costs hundreds of dollars in wasted water. From time to time the heads may require minor adjustments also. A good technician will observe how the head is rotating or spraying and make the needed adjustments. There is no need to have your sprinklers spraying the neighbors lawn or the sidewalk and soaking the morning walkers or joggers!


Finally, the controller will need to be reprogrammed. This is a good chance to remind yourself of any trouble spots in the lawn that we’re getting overwatered or underwatered. Ask your irrigation technician to set the controller appropriately. After all, the lawn or landscape does mature and change year after year and watering requirements can also vary from year to year. So, If you’re landscape has filled in over the years or changes have occurred somewhere in the yard then you might ask if there are any ways that the sprinkler system could be changed or updated to water more efficiently.

Routine maintenance for your underground lawn sprinkler system is just as important as tuning up your car or keeping the gutters cleaned. If maintained properly a sprinkler system can last many years before major repairs are needed. But, just like everything else, if a small problem is ignored it will inevitably turn into a larger problem and possibly affect other areas in the yard which always means more expense and headache. Prevent large repair bills and headaches by having a qualified service contractor maintain your sprinklers properly on an annual basis.