sprinkler head

Proper watering after aerating and seeding will ensure the seed begins to germinate.   Daily watering is crucial during the initial 3-4 weeks.

Always water in the morning.  Typically starting at 5:00 a.m. (that’s of course if you have an irrigation system) is a good starting time.  The time you start ultimately determines when your system turns off.  This can have an effect on your water pressure inside your home (shower, toilet, etc.) so ideally you want to program your clock to finish right before your household will be utilizing the water indoors.  Benefits:  1) Virtually no water loss from the sun’s evaporation, 2) watering at night or right before can set your lawn up for fungus invitation (damp/dark), 3) turf is already cool so there is not a shock from cool water on a lawn that has been baking all day in 90 degree weather.